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Advisory Opinions

On 9th October 2007, the Advisory Chamber passed its first advisory opinion requested by the Government.

"The advisory opinion on the image of women in the (audio-visual) media in the German-speaking Community"

Extract from the advisory opinion:

In a society that strives for equality between men and women, the image of women is inseparable from that of men, even though one is based on the other.

In Advisory Opinion 05/2006, the Government asks the French Community, among other things, to develop proposals that strive to portray women and men in the media in a non-discriminating way.

In this context the Minister's demands are both realistic, as regards the need to make women equal to men, and far-sighted enough to want to counteract a shift in discrimination from women to men.

By using case studies and figures, in the following the Media Council depicts the basic media principle and the effective presence of women in the media.

This advisory opinion could be the subject of a doctoral thesis. We are restricting ourselves here to the German and Belgian media in general and have attempted, using the information given to us by the media providers, to portray an image of women in the media of the German-speaking Community.

You can download the report in German in full here.